Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random thoughts and things....

Random thoughts and things

1. I can't believe the summer is over and the kids start school in a week or so. This means I am back to part -time daycare. I do look forward to seeing the kids again.

2. Did a bunch of laundry today - finding a whole group of things that were never worn by my son and in the wash again.  What's with that?

3. I wonder how many geckos we fed today?

4. I just heard this rumble and thought maybe it was thunder and realized no it is my stomach! Time for dinner or a handful of popcorn maybe.

5. Trying to figure out who I am going to choose for the ALS ice bucket challenge.  I will be doing it later today.

6. Loving listening to new Mercy Me cd.

7. Working on setting up Tastefully Simple Freezer meal workshop and getting really hungry.

8. Keep thinking of the things I didn't get done this summer and need to add to my to - do - list.

9. Thinking how blessed we are with our family. Love the grandgirls!

10. Gusgus is snoring and I would like a nap too.

11. Read some of my favorite blogs today.

12. Enjoying pictures my sisters are posting from their Alaskan Cruise.

13. My to-do-list is getting big !

14. Worked on my stuff for my Sunday school class.  I am very excited about the penpal program we are starting up. 

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Facebook before God's Book?

You opened

before God's book today?

How is your day going?   Are you frustrated, feeling anxious, or just getting by?  Do you feel like you can handle anything that comes your way?  Did you find encouragement and guidance for your day on Facebook that will get you through anything during the day?

I am not saying Facebook is bad I just think that many of us get up in the morning and grab our phone, notepad, or go on the computer before we think about it.  I know my day does not go as smoothly when I have done this.

God's word and time with Him at the beginning of your day is so much better than starting your day with Facebook.   When I start my day with God first I feel like I can do or handle anything!   I have confidence that he is with me and I look to him for help throughout my day.

Here is a great verse to start your day:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding…”
- Proverbs 3:5

Think about it - if you do not go to God first I challenge you to
  • start your day in prayer asking him to guide you through the day
  • read a few verses - you don't know where to start?   Google verses to start my day,  or open your Bible and randomly pick a verse
  • keep a journal of verses and prayers including answered prayers
If you take the challenge let me know what your think after a few days?   Does your day seem to be better? 


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gideon ... Great study

I did a Bible study on Gideon at our church this spring.  

It is a study written by Priscilla Shirer.  We watch a video with Priscilla teaching for about 45 minutes and then break down into small groups for discussion.  There are 5 days of homework each week. 
This study has been one that makes you dig and really think about yourself. There have been  questions that you just don't want to answer or can't answer at the time.
Some of the questions that have been brought out:
 " Where does God fit in - in my life?"  Is he number one or do I put him on the back burner?   How and when do I go to God when I need him?  Do I only go to him when I am struggling with something?  Do I trust him with the small silly stuff in my life not just the hard and big stuff I am dealing with? Do I praise him for what he has done and will do in my life? Do I like the Israelites
fall back into my old ways?
Gideon was challenged by God to trust in Him.  The Israelites really had a hard time understanding and stopping the cycle they were in. 
It has been a good study and has made me think about a few specific things and what needs to change. I realized that I do make a conscience effort to Praise Him for the things that are happening in my life good or bad.  I also realized that I need to spend more consistent time with Him and his word on a daily basis.  Time management with my quiet time needs to happen.
Now it is time for reflection and action!
If you have a chance to take this study you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Airport visit with Christal

When our boys were little my husband and I would take them to the airport and sit outside a fence line to watch the planes.

I remember the excitement of this Saturday morning adventure.

Wally decided we needed to take our granddaughter Christal to experience this....

Christal watching the plane as it taxies

Take off....

Christal ran down the fence line as the plane ascended

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I did it!!!

Well,   I did it!!! I have officially joined Jennifer Labs Tastefully Simple team!

I decided after several years of the subtle "do you want to join my team " from her.   She was great - not pushy just mentioned it once in awhile at parties.  I had gone to a freezer meal workshop and really enjoyed it.  Thought I could do this!

So I made the call and she sat with me explaining the details.  Sounds like fun and easy too.   I think because I like the products and use them it will be fun.

In talking with a few family members and friends I have set up 4 parties to get me going.

Now to study the information on all the products .....

Friday, May 23, 2014

Where on earth is that going?

No more blank wall....

Yep, Wally was down in the gecko facility working a couple of months ago.  I noticed he had a measuring tape out.
I looked around the rooms and thought "what was he measuring?"  I will admit I was afraid to ask - you see this normally means a new stand for the geckos is going to be built.  However, he was running out of space to add any more stands. I decided to wait and not ask.

It only took a couple of days for him to share the exciting news that we would be adding a stand that would hold 27 more enclosures!  And it was for me!  I was a little confused since my craft room on the upper level in our home.  He explained it to me - You have a gecko project :) 

After carefully measuring the area (the only blank wall and not really in the room - hallway) he hired one of our sons to build the stand.  We went to the container store to buy the exact sized containers we would need.

Each of the small containers he cut a single hole for air, the larger ones have 2 holes.  Each hole is covered with screen (hot glued in).  Then the mix of peat, sand and dirt were added to each container.
Now the rack is ready for the geckos....

You will have to come back and visit to see which ones they are.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Surfing the blog world and what I learned today...

Thursday - Quarry Coffee Day - what I learned about myself today

I started my morning surfing a few of my favorite blogs:

1.  Pioneer Woman - ( -love her posts about her family and recipes.
2.  Cheryl Barker -  ( - a Christian blog with great inspiration.
3.  Jesus and Dark Chocolate - ( - about her family and how they are getting through the days with early Alzheimer's disease in the family.

Then I decided to look for some new blogs under several different topics: well I started with weight loss first and let me tell you I came across one that I really could relate to and enjoy reading.
Paige has a comment on her home page that caught my eye immediately!   "Two people can do anything as long as one of them is God."
I started to read through her posts about her weight loss journey and couldn't stop.  She is very encouraging and honest about her feelings and struggles through the journey.  I will visit this blog on a regular basis for encouragement and inspiration.
Paige has made me think about why I am the size I am, what triggers me to eat, belief in myself, what I don't like and how it can be better in the coming days.

I don't know Paige personally but she has indirectly challenged me to take a step in faith and start my journey.

Why am I nervous about this journey? 
  • failure again ( I have tried multiple times to lose weight - not successful)
  • the number on the scale when I step on it for the beginning( I know I have a lot to lose to be healthy)
  • some of the changes I will need to make
What do I need to do start this journey?
  • weigh myself and record
  • take a picture (not happy about that at all)
  • make a food plan for eating
  • get rid of junk food from the kitchen/pantry
How am I going to start?
  • weigh in
  • have a journal to write in daily about it
  • read more on Paige's blog
  • make a menu and grocery shop
  • start to believe in myself that I can do this (with God's help)

The biggest thing I learned it that I can't do this alone!

Well, here goes my journey,  thanks for the inspiration Paige!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Backyard Play Adventure

Fun at the Big Backyard

We took Christal to a place called the Big Backyard for kids.  It is in a large warehouse that they have converted into a backyard atmosphere with jungle gyms, climbing toys, basketball hoops, and a ton of riding toys.  The walls were painted like outside. Very nice place and fun for us today.

It was a great place to take her to encourage her to use her large motor skills and strengthen her muscles.

Riding toys were fun too : it took a little while for her to get the hang of using her legs to push the toys around.  Once she got it she was off and riding....

She liked crawling in and out of the caterpillar.....
                                                                        Driving a car
Playing ball with Grandpa

Grandpa gets a basket

The jungle gym was a challenge at first but she climbed up several times
 and went down the slides too

After all the playing we had a drink and some pretzels then off to naptime! (for all of us)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Club 252

I have the privilege of working with the 4th & 5th graders at our church each week in Club 252.  I have been serving in this department for over 10 years now.  I feel this age is very important as far as keeping them engaged and wanting to come to church.

I have a great team of table leaders that work with specific groups of kids each week.  They all enjoy the kids and love to share God with them each Sunday. 

We have a great curriculum to work with each week. 
  • The kids start out the morning at their tables with a leader and do an activity related to the story or theme of the day. 
  • Then we move to large group for story, worship, and fun!   Our story team is awesome and the get the kids so excited. 
  •  Recently, there has been teams of praise kids added for worship time. Each week there is another team comes in to lead us in worship. The kids are doing great and they are excited to sing about God each week. 
  • Sometimes we end up with a video clip to wrap up or a skit
  • The kids then return back to their tables to do an activity to bring the whole morning together

Once a month I run a Bible drill with verse relating to the theme of the month.  I feel this is important to teach kids how to find verses in their Bibles. They have fun racing to find the verse and of course, there is a piece of candy for the winners!

Each month the kids are taught a virtue, they have a memory verse, and a bottom line every week to reinforce the virtue.

April :
Virtue - Humility
                       Putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.
Memory Verse :
"Don’t do anything only to get ahead. Don’t do it because you are proud. Instead, be free of pride. Think of others as better than yourselves." Philippians 2:3,

Story for large group time:

Feet First (Jesus washes the disciples’ feet) • John 13:1-17

Bottom Line:(Week 1)

I can put others first by serving them.

Spring Bunting to Welcome Spring

At our ladies retreat this past February we had an awesome team of girls put together craft kits for us.

This is one of the crafts I purchased to make at home.  A spring banner - I'm thinking now that I made it and hung it spring will finally "spring into action" - tired of winter around here!

Supplies needed:  the kit had a pattern, sheets of scrapbooking paper, precut spring letters, twine, tape runner, paper flower, and some fabric pieces.

Use the pattern and cut one from each piece of scrapbook paper.

Use the tape runner to stick the letters and flower on the scrapbook paper pieces. 
One letter per sheet and the extra sheet put the flower on.

Use a paper punch and punch 2 holes in each scrapbook paper piece about 1/2 from edge on each side

String the twine through the holes on the scrapbook paper pieces

Hang the completed bunting and wait for Spring!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Did you have a plan for your life after high school - did it change?

I recently was going through a box from way back when (not telling you how long ago).  There were a bunch of things that I had saved over the years.  Love letters from my husband, pictures from school, awards from school, my creative writing notebook from high school, and the last thing I found was a worksheet from senior year in high school.

The worksheet was interesting to reread -  it was titled "What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?"

This is what I wrote: remember I was a senior in high school -
I will have my college degree in Business and will be starting my career as an Executive Secretary.  I will be married and have 2 kids.  We will have our own house and live in a bigger city. 

This is what I actually did :

 Year 1: 1981 - 1982
I didn't really want to go to college after I graduated - but I did with the encouragement of my boyfriend and mom.   I enrolled in a technical college for an Administrative Secretary diploma.
I went one semester and decided I did not want to do that at all.  I thought that maybe a dental assistant sounded like a good choice(don't ask me why) so I enrolled and was put on a waiting list.
I finished one year of secretary classes.

Year 2: 1982- 1983
I went to school for Dental Assisting and completed the one year program.  I thought is was fun and looked forward to working.  I got a job in a town about a 1/2 hour from home.  I worked in dental assisting for 6 months - did not like the dentist very much.  He was a screamer and very impatient. One day we didn't have many patients so he sent me to the lab to see if I could help with anything.
Dave the guy who ran the dental lab was nice and explained a lot as he did the work.  He showed me how to make dentures and had me set one up for fun as he said.  I did great and really enjoyed it.  After a few more visits to the lab I transferred back there and learned how to make the dentures from the beginning to end and found I had a talent for it.  I did a little on crowns and then also started doing deliveries for the lab.  I found my career! 

Year 3: 1983 -1984
I got married to my awesome husband, Wally and we moved to Milwaukee.  He had graduated from college and got a job in Fox Point. I found a job in a dental lab. We lived in an apartment.

Year 4:  1984-1985
I continued to work for the dental lab in Milwaukee.  No kids or house yet.

Year 5:  1985 - 1986
I worked for the dental lab in Milwaukee.   1986 - Bought our first house. $47,000  a 3 bedroom ranch with at finished basement.

We had our first son -Oct. 1989, #2 son - Dec.1990 and our 3rd son - Jan.1991. I stayed at home with my boys and ran a home based daycare (still doing the daycare) . I am in my 24th year of daycare in our home.

It's interesting how God intervenes and guides our lives. I wouldn't change any of it either!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday time away from home....

Blogs, website business, fantasy sport leagues, web surfing, little facebook , and pinterest - who has time to keep up with it all?

The way we handle it is by trying to get out of the house on a Saturday for a few hours to devote time to these activities only.  We will go to a coffee shop or sandwich shop to relax and work on our computers.  My husband works on his side business website (, fantasy sports leagues, and lots of other stuff.   I work on my blog and surf the web. We have found that leaving the house for awhile we actually get a whole lot more done.

Today's choice of shop is Panera.

 We both enjoyed a soup and sandwich for a late lunch/dinner. He will probably have a cup of coffee and I will enjoy a chai tea latte with a sweet treat a little later.

I have written 3 posts already in the short time we have been here. Not sure exactly what Wally has done except he is in first place in one of his baseball fantasy leagues.

Well... time to get busy......