Thursday, January 8, 2015

Word for the year...


Have you ever picked a "word" for the year?   I had done it a few years back, however, it wasn't really me who picked the word and it didn't happen until the middle of the year.

The word was Gratitude and it came to me in several ways -  I truly believe God was indirectly putting this word in my head over and over. It was a tough year for me and it was a year that I learned to be grateful no matter what came my way.

This year I decided I would pick a word - " commitment"  - definition -  the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity.   I was excited to pick this word for myself.  I was feeling like I was constantly on the move and not getting things completed the way they should be.

I work with the kids at our church in the 4th & 5th grade department and finally at the end of December (after I picked my word) pulled out the curriculum for January.   And what is the theme of the month?  "Commitment"  - making a plan and putting it into practice.  I just sat there and looked at the packet thinking what is God up to this year. I look forward to what God will be teaching the kids this month on commitment and what I can put into action in my own life.

I have made a few lists of things that I felt needed some commitment on my part and will be working through them this year.  As I come across them I will share them with you.  


1. Make time for my quiet times with God

2. Get back into the routine of going to the Quarry Coffee Shop for my time to work on blog, church, read, or whatever I want to get done

3. Work on my blog and post at least a couple times a week.

4. ..........

So what is your "word" for 2015?


  1. Hi Nanette, my word for this year is rest. Life has been really busy for me the past few months, but I can still give myself grace and take opportunities for rest as I can. I'm also trying to be aware of spiritual rest - like resting in God's love, etc. God bless as you apply your word of commitment!

  2. Thanks Cheryl for sharing your word. It has been hard as life has been ever changing and very busy.