Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tastefully Simple fun

        Today I am at a local mall working as vendor fair selling Tastefully Simple.  It was kinda of slow for sales today, but I did get to talk with some ladies and made some new contacts.

         I have been a consultant for about a year. The lady I signed up under told me "date if for awhile and see if you like it".  Well, I like it and will continue to sell the products.
        I really enjoy the flexibility - I can do as many parties or events that I want.  I can make it work in my family's schedule. There have been a couple of months that are just not good for me with other activities and I have been able to coast through those months.
        I really enjoy doing the fundraiser type parties and seeing the hostess get the profits to put toward her organization of choice.  I also enjoy doing the freezer meal workshops as they are very easy and quick.  How could you not like getting 10 freezer meals prepared in less than an hour.
They are easy and very good.

            Do you use Tastefully Simple and if so what is your favorite product?


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