Saturday, April 11, 2015

Slow down day....

Slowing down for me is not an easy thing - I am always on the go! 

But today I was looking forward to just doing what I wanted when I wanted and if I wanted.

Started my day out with sleeping in late, ready my devotions, through a load of laundry in, then off to breakfast at my favorite coffee shop (I don't drink coffee - just chai tea lattes) with my husband. We take our computers and work on our blogs, websites, and other fun stuff.

I have been surfing through several of my favorite blogs, catching up on emails, and writing posts for my own blog.

This afternoon I plan on finishing reading the first book in the Outlander Series.  It is due back to the library tomorrow. My husband will probably add that I will take a nap at some point too.

I will have to at some point think about what we will have for dinner... or not :) 

I will admit as I sit here I keep thinking of things I need to do or work on and have opened a spreadsheet to make a to do list.. 

What are you doing today?

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