Saturday, August 23, 2014

Random thoughts and things....

Random thoughts and things

1. I can't believe the summer is over and the kids start school in a week or so. This means I am back to part -time daycare. I do look forward to seeing the kids again.

2. Did a bunch of laundry today - finding a whole group of things that were never worn by my son and in the wash again.  What's with that?

3. I wonder how many geckos we fed today?

4. I just heard this rumble and thought maybe it was thunder and realized no it is my stomach! Time for dinner or a handful of popcorn maybe.

5. Trying to figure out who I am going to choose for the ALS ice bucket challenge.  I will be doing it later today.

6. Loving listening to new Mercy Me cd.

7. Working on setting up Tastefully Simple Freezer meal workshop and getting really hungry.

8. Keep thinking of the things I didn't get done this summer and need to add to my to - do - list.

9. Thinking how blessed we are with our family. Love the grandgirls!

10. Gusgus is snoring and I would like a nap too.

11. Read some of my favorite blogs today.

12. Enjoying pictures my sisters are posting from their Alaskan Cruise.

13. My to-do-list is getting big !

14. Worked on my stuff for my Sunday school class.  I am very excited about the penpal program we are starting up. 

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

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  1. My sister and her husband went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago, too. I'd love to go sometime!