Monday, April 20, 2015

Simple things in life ....

Today Christal had speech at a local school and it had rained most of the night.  It was still drizzling when we went to speech this morning.

She loves the rain and has NO problem standing outside in it.  Me on the other can't stand getting wet like that at all.  So needless to say we have lots of discussions about getting inside quickly.  I lose most of the time :)

Today on our way out she noticed "worms" and got very excited.  We counted the worms as we walked - very slowly - back to our car.   We counted 32 worms.  She enjoyed squatting down to look them over.
You have to look very closely to see the worm.  It's on the lower right 1/4 of the picture.
At one point the janitor came over to make sure I wasn't having car problems.  I explained that we were checking out the worms.  He laughed and told Christal to have a great day.
The simple things in life - worm hunting!

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