Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Bunting to Welcome Spring

At our ladies retreat this past February we had an awesome team of girls put together craft kits for us.

This is one of the crafts I purchased to make at home.  A spring banner - I'm thinking now that I made it and hung it spring will finally "spring into action" - tired of winter around here!

Supplies needed:  the kit had a pattern, sheets of scrapbooking paper, precut spring letters, twine, tape runner, paper flower, and some fabric pieces.

Use the pattern and cut one from each piece of scrapbook paper.

Use the tape runner to stick the letters and flower on the scrapbook paper pieces. 
One letter per sheet and the extra sheet put the flower on.

Use a paper punch and punch 2 holes in each scrapbook paper piece about 1/2 from edge on each side

String the twine through the holes on the scrapbook paper pieces

Hang the completed bunting and wait for Spring!

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