Monday, March 24, 2014

Did you have a plan for your life after high school - did it change?

I recently was going through a box from way back when (not telling you how long ago).  There were a bunch of things that I had saved over the years.  Love letters from my husband, pictures from school, awards from school, my creative writing notebook from high school, and the last thing I found was a worksheet from senior year in high school.

The worksheet was interesting to reread -  it was titled "What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?"

This is what I wrote: remember I was a senior in high school -
I will have my college degree in Business and will be starting my career as an Executive Secretary.  I will be married and have 2 kids.  We will have our own house and live in a bigger city. 

This is what I actually did :

 Year 1: 1981 - 1982
I didn't really want to go to college after I graduated - but I did with the encouragement of my boyfriend and mom.   I enrolled in a technical college for an Administrative Secretary diploma.
I went one semester and decided I did not want to do that at all.  I thought that maybe a dental assistant sounded like a good choice(don't ask me why) so I enrolled and was put on a waiting list.
I finished one year of secretary classes.

Year 2: 1982- 1983
I went to school for Dental Assisting and completed the one year program.  I thought is was fun and looked forward to working.  I got a job in a town about a 1/2 hour from home.  I worked in dental assisting for 6 months - did not like the dentist very much.  He was a screamer and very impatient. One day we didn't have many patients so he sent me to the lab to see if I could help with anything.
Dave the guy who ran the dental lab was nice and explained a lot as he did the work.  He showed me how to make dentures and had me set one up for fun as he said.  I did great and really enjoyed it.  After a few more visits to the lab I transferred back there and learned how to make the dentures from the beginning to end and found I had a talent for it.  I did a little on crowns and then also started doing deliveries for the lab.  I found my career! 

Year 3: 1983 -1984
I got married to my awesome husband, Wally and we moved to Milwaukee.  He had graduated from college and got a job in Fox Point. I found a job in a dental lab. We lived in an apartment.

Year 4:  1984-1985
I continued to work for the dental lab in Milwaukee.  No kids or house yet.

Year 5:  1985 - 1986
I worked for the dental lab in Milwaukee.   1986 - Bought our first house. $47,000  a 3 bedroom ranch with at finished basement.

We had our first son -Oct. 1989, #2 son - Dec.1990 and our 3rd son - Jan.1991. I stayed at home with my boys and ran a home based daycare (still doing the daycare) . I am in my 24th year of daycare in our home.

It's interesting how God intervenes and guides our lives. I wouldn't change any of it either!

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  1. I got married right in the middle of college. Would never have guessed that was going to happen when I was a senior in high school. Guess it worked out, though, because we're still together almost 39 years later! :)