Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Backyard Play Adventure

Fun at the Big Backyard

We took Christal to a place called the Big Backyard for kids.  It is in a large warehouse that they have converted into a backyard atmosphere with jungle gyms, climbing toys, basketball hoops, and a ton of riding toys.  The walls were painted like outside. Very nice place and fun for us today.

It was a great place to take her to encourage her to use her large motor skills and strengthen her muscles.

Riding toys were fun too : it took a little while for her to get the hang of using her legs to push the toys around.  Once she got it she was off and riding....

She liked crawling in and out of the caterpillar.....
                                                                        Driving a car
Playing ball with Grandpa

Grandpa gets a basket

The jungle gym was a challenge at first but she climbed up several times
 and went down the slides too

After all the playing we had a drink and some pretzels then off to naptime! (for all of us)

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