Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday time away from home....

Blogs, website business, fantasy sport leagues, web surfing, little facebook , and pinterest - who has time to keep up with it all?

The way we handle it is by trying to get out of the house on a Saturday for a few hours to devote time to these activities only.  We will go to a coffee shop or sandwich shop to relax and work on our computers.  My husband works on his side business website (, fantasy sports leagues, and lots of other stuff.   I work on my blog and surf the web. We have found that leaving the house for awhile we actually get a whole lot more done.

Today's choice of shop is Panera.

 We both enjoyed a soup and sandwich for a late lunch/dinner. He will probably have a cup of coffee and I will enjoy a chai tea latte with a sweet treat a little later.

I have written 3 posts already in the short time we have been here. Not sure exactly what Wally has done except he is in first place in one of his baseball fantasy leagues.

Well... time to get busy......

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