Monday, September 23, 2013

Sandwich in scotland

I went to my favorite coffee shop (mind you I only drink tea).  I decided I would have a pork sandwich with coleslaw on the side for lunch.  Lisa brought my lunch to me and commented " I am not telling you what to do, but add a little coleslaw on your sandwich, it's good!"  I chuckled to myself remembering the last time I had coleslaw on my sandwich. Was not the best lunch that day at all.

I had traveled to Scotland with my mom and sister for a week. They had been to Scotland before so they had the whole week planned for me including where we would eat too. I was very nervous of flying ( still don't like to fly) and when we finally landed I was relieved.  Then we got into the rental car - my sister drove and as we started to drive to our destination for lunch my stomach was a little unsettled. 

We arrived in a town called Luss and Jackie was so excited to go to this little restaurant for lunch. We sat down order our food and waited. I figured once I ate something I would feel much better.   Wrong!   I ordered a cheese  on a roll with coleslaw.  Lunch came and I as I looked at my sandwich my stomach did a flip.  My sandwich was a big roll filled with shredded cheese and coleslaw mixed.  I even now can feel my tummy not feeling so well just remembering it. I tried to eat a little but it wasn't working.  The waitress was standing on the other side of the restaruant just watching me and finally walked over to see if something was wrong with the sandwich. I explained no I was just motion sick from the plane ride and could they pack it to go. (I did not eat it later, just felt quilty leaving it behind).  

Thanks for the memory jog Lisa when you mentioned adding the coleslaw to my sandwich today.

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