Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY Lampshade redo

 Our lampshade in our bedroom was starting to show its age, but I didn't want to toss it since it was perfectly good otherwise.
So I decided that I would recover it. I bought a piece of fabric to match the room décor.  It was a fun and inexpensive way to freshen up the lampshade. It only took about 30 minutes to complete this project.
The old lampshade  
Iron the wrinkles out of the fabric 

Lay the fabric out on your workspace

Place the lampshade up side down on the fabric

Pull the fabric up around the lamp shade -
I used paper clips to hold it in place
Flip the lamp shade over

Cut a hole in the top of the lamp shade -
I paper clipped this area as well to hold in place


Using a hot glue gun glue the fabric to the lamp shade-
glue the fabric on the top and bottom

After you are done hot gluing the fabric trim it to
make a small hem around the lamp shade

This is the completed lamp shade


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