Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to GrandmaNeverStops!!!

   I have out grown my old blog title MomNeverStops and graduated to GrandmaNeverStops in the past year or so. ( I really didn't think I was ready to be a grandma - but I am and love it).  It does not mean that I am not as busy as I was before.  Sometimes it seems I am much busier, but I like it that way. I do better when I have lots on my calendar or to-do-list.
      Let me catch you up with our life now a days. Life has definitely not been dull or slow for us. The past couple of years have been challenging for us.  I have learned so much about myself and seen the fingerprints of God throughout our daily lives and am very grateful. 
      My oldest son, Christopher is working in a job that he absolutely loves, which makes me happy.  He is settling down and becoming a responsible young man. He is engaged and his fiancé' has a little girl (another granddaughter for us). Wedding plans should be starting in the next couple of months.
      Our middle son, Jordan has blessed us with an adorable little granddaughter, Christal. Christal is about 20 months old and very interested in everything around her. We are very involved in her life right now as she lives with us when her daddy has her.  I have gotten to spend a lot of time with her since she was born. We are having a blast watching her grow up and cherish our time with her. 
      Our youngest, Tim is a very creative young man. His friends are keeping him busy with making designs for bike helmets and tattoos. Nothing like going into the garage and finding the latest car in 100's of pieces. But he gets it back together and sells it for the profit and starts over again. He will be working with his older brother and friend in a house flipping business as well. 
      Wally, my husband works full time as a Business Analyst and has a hobby/business of raising geckos.  We are busy with feeding, breeding and selling of the geckos.  I will share more about this in the future.
        I am still doing daycare for about 6 kids before and after school -this is my 23rd year in daycare. I also am working with a great team of ladies from our church to plan for the ladies retreat this year. I am involved in our children's ministry at church.  In my free time I read, scrapbook, and this summer have walked in two 5K's for the first time.  
        Just a little catch up for you -  come back and visit to see what is going on in this Grandma's life. 


  1. Nanette, so glad to hear from you over on my site today! Found your link through my statcounter/visitor paths and am so glad I did. I enjoyed reading your family update. Continue to enjoy that grandgirl! :)

    1. Thanks Cheryl - it feels good to get back to blogging again. That little granddaughter of ours is a real blessing and we are so privileged to have her in our home so much! I enjoy your blog so much as well - always find encouragement when I visit.