Friday, May 23, 2014

Where on earth is that going?

No more blank wall....

Yep, Wally was down in the gecko facility working a couple of months ago.  I noticed he had a measuring tape out.
I looked around the rooms and thought "what was he measuring?"  I will admit I was afraid to ask - you see this normally means a new stand for the geckos is going to be built.  However, he was running out of space to add any more stands. I decided to wait and not ask.

It only took a couple of days for him to share the exciting news that we would be adding a stand that would hold 27 more enclosures!  And it was for me!  I was a little confused since my craft room on the upper level in our home.  He explained it to me - You have a gecko project :) 

After carefully measuring the area (the only blank wall and not really in the room - hallway) he hired one of our sons to build the stand.  We went to the container store to buy the exact sized containers we would need.

Each of the small containers he cut a single hole for air, the larger ones have 2 holes.  Each hole is covered with screen (hot glued in).  Then the mix of peat, sand and dirt were added to each container.
Now the rack is ready for the geckos....

You will have to come back and visit to see which ones they are.