Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Review - Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury

I just finished reading Fifteen Minutes - it really makes you think about what happens to young kids who go on the television shows that end up making them famous quickly. 

This story is about a young kid whose family owns a horse farm that they are in danger of losing it to the bank.  Zack is a great singer, leader of a worship at church who decides to go on the show and hopefully win so he can save the farm. 

Zack leaves the farm and his girlfriend to compete on fifteen Minutes a reality television show for singers.  It tells his family that if he makes it he will Not let fame change him at all. He has no idea what he is in for.

Zack does very well in the beginning and attributes it all to God.  He is asked to do some things that are testing his faith as he moves on in the competition. They ask him not to be so vocal about his beliefs on the show, in his tweets and on Facebook.

His girlfriend, Reese starts to notice the changes but tries to convince herself that he is just really busy and doesn't have the time to contact her on a regular basis. She has a job offer come up as a therapeutic horse instructor overseas.  She ponders whether she should go or not - realizing that her relationship with Zack is changing and the future they planned may never happen.

One of the judges, Chandra Olson has a strong feeling that she is there to help someone not get all caught up in the fame.  She has experienced great pain since winning Fifteen Minutes in the past years. She just wants to understand it all. She is very open with Zack about fame and it's costs.

This story is about morals, character, having to compromise beliefs, and what fame costs in the long run.  Is "fame" really worth all you can lose?

I know after reading this book I will have a whole different view of shows like American Idol and reality shows.

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