Saturday, January 25, 2014

High Tea at the Quarry Coffee


This past week I went to a Cooking Class at my favorite coffee shop "The Quarry Coffee". The  class was called Dowton Abby High Tea.  I went with a couple of good friends and my mom.

The tables were set with different tea cups that they collected over the years and a beautiful 3 tier display of yummy treats.

First tier had scones, egg salad and cucumber sandwich. There was orange marmalade and Devonshire cream for the scone.
Second tier was salmon and ham sandwich with a flavored butters and chicken curry salad.
Third tier dessert! Shortbread cookies, lemon meringue tart, coconut macaroons, and some candies.

As we enjoyed our food we were served different
types of hot tea for the evening.   My favorite was the white pomegranate.

Emily demonstrating how to make a basic scone. She is an apprentice program in Culinary Arts with the owner of the coffee shop.  She did a great job!

Scott demonstrated how to make trifles. They were served in a wine glass.

Adding jam and fruit
The finish dessert  -  Yum!
 Throughout the night Scott asked trivia questions from Dowton Abby. 

 We had a fun evening and enjoyed lots of good food!


  1. Sounds like so much fun! I would have gone straight for the third tier :)

  2. Cheryl - my favorite tier was the first one - I love scones