Saturday, October 19, 2013

Who said you could?

See the bushes in front of our home I haven't liked them from the day we moved in back in 1999. I have suggested we get rid of them, hinted that we should get rid of them, and flat out said they are going this year several times! No one took me seriously, especially my husband. So.....

Christopher recently got a truck and had stopped by the house one late afternoon.  I mentioned I wish we could get rid of those bushes.  Nuff said ... he looked back at his brothers and then the truck. I knew then what was going to happen.  ( boys and their toys)
Before I knew it the truck was backed up to the bushes and trees and the rope came out. They tied it to the base of the pine.

Jordan lifted Tim up so he could tie a rope to the top of the tree so it won't snap back and break the bay window.  They all impressed me with the safety and thinking they put into this project.

Time to pull...

and pull....

one last good pull...  this was about the time my husband came to the door and his jaw dropped.

After attempting to take out the other tall pine - not so successful.  Tim is holding his strap that just broke and hassling his brother.

Christopher took the chain saw to that pine tree and the other 3 bushes.

Almost done
Much better - watch to see what happens next

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