Monday, October 14, 2013

Geckos, snakes, and supplies.... a day at a reptile show

     Every year the highly anticipated Reptile Show of the year comes to Chicago area in October. There are vendors from all over the country as well as overseas who come to sell reptiles and supplies to eager hobbyists.   My husband owner of Supreme Gecko normally had a table at this show each year, however, this year he decided to not have a table and just go and visit with fellow vendors.

      You may ask what does that exactly mean?  Well, it means that he did not take animals and supplies to sell this weekend, it made for a very relaxed week before the show as we were not getting things all organized for the show, and it meant we could go and enjoy just talking with other hobbyists and  breeders.

We arrived around 10:30 in the morning on Saturday and walked through the show looking for animals and supplies.


Aisles were packed with interested hobbyists.


Wally, in the white hat visiting with a vendor

 Lots of supplies and reptiles too

 More visiting

This would be a display with lots of snakes - not my favorite at all
 (notice how far back I am taking the picture of the booth)  
Supply vendor for your reptile needs
Another supply booth 
      We sat and listened to a special speaker who I will admit I learned some stuff from. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear someone speak.  I was afraid it would be boring and over my head. He did a great job and made it easy to understand the species and its needs.  

     All in all we had a great day and Wally didn't find a ton of animals to bring home this time.  He brought home one small gecko and some supplies.   I had a good time just walking around with the
for the day.

Oh, this was dinner!!!!  Watch later this week for the story behind this pizza.

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