Friday, August 30, 2013

Porky Beaver is Back!!


     The porky beaver is back!    Yes, I said porky beaver.   Several years ago my youngest son was outside by our shed getting his bike jumping ramp out. As I watched him from the window I noticed him pick up the ramp, drop it and run!  A few minutes later he was back with our neighbors kid (who mind you was several years younger).  He was encouraging him to grab the ramp from the side of the shed.  All of a sudden they were both running for the house. 
      Finally Tim came in and announced that there was a "porky beaver" in the back yard.   A what?   A porky beaver you know it's brown with a big tail.  He then proceeded to go to the computer to look it up to show me.  After quite a while of me just smiling at him and waiting to see what he was talking about I finally googled a picture of a ground hog.  Yep that's it!  

     Over the past few years the "porky beaver"  has lived under our shed,had babies,and every year we see a couple of them in the back yard. He stands on his hind legs and stretches to look around, but when he hears a noise he scoots quickly back to his den. 

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