Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Scrapbook Room

     I love to scrapbook and the only space big enough to spread out was my dining room.  This was ok, but I didn't like that the dining room always looked a little messy and could be seen by anyone coming into our home.  I also had all my stuff stored in a cabinet in the dining room and our foyer closet. I would have to drag it all out every time I wanted to scrapbook.

      I teased my boys that whoever moved out first I was taking their bedroom and converting it to my scrapbook room.  They thought I was kidding.... Wrong!   Christopher moved out this past spring and the room stayed empty for a couple of months. During that time no one knew I was making plans to move in. The room has just been repainted in January, so I didn't need to repaint it.
      One Saturday in June I decided it's MINE.   You should have seen my husbands face when he came up to see what all the noise was as I dragged bookcases and cabinets into the room. I worked all weekend to set up the room and organize my supplies. 

                This is a view from the door                                                


                                                                                                    This is the view from the window

Let's take closer look

This is my main working space
  • Far left corner - I have a couple of drawer units that I organized my scrap pieces by color
  • On top I have 2 small file boxes that hold the journal boxes and precut mats by color
  • Next is a 12x12 file holding solid colored paper organized by color
  • I went to Menards and bought a 2 shelf shoe rack - the top shelf I put the pages that I have finished, the shelf holds my cutting mats and pens, then under that are my 12 trimmers 
  • A light and pencil cup
  • A 12x12 drawer unit that holds my border cutting system, tape runners, scissors
  • Under the table I have a rolling cart (online purchase) that holds my patterned 12x12 paper organized by color, and the bottom drawers hold all my punches. I can roll the cart when I am working, I also have a 2 drawer plastic unit (with the black and white paper on drawer fronts) that I have stored my music cds and the cd's that my pictures are stored on. 
  • I recovered my chair with black and white polka dots material

  • Above the table is a cork board that was spray painted black that I have put push pins into to hold my cutting system pieces and some rulers (thanks Tim for painting the board and Chris for the idea of how to hang the pieces).  This is one of my favorite organizational pieces in this room

Moving around to the next wall
  • My file cabinet with a cd player on top
  • A small bookcase that has 12x12 books that have specific projects in them 
  • On top are my sticker boxes and folder

  This is the closet in the room 
  • I put 2 bookcases into the closet 
  • The one on the left holds my albums, pages, and projects
  • The one on the right has all my pictures organized in boxes (and Yes they are all full)

Just down from the closet
  • A dresser that we weren't using - I repainted it white and used chalkboard paint for the drawer fronts
  • In the drawers I have stored basic office supplies, card making paper and envelopes, my cricut cartridges and tools 
  • On the top I have my Cricut machine 
  • Several 12x12 paper racks that hold special themed papers like seasons, birthday, wedding etc.
  • Next to the dresser is a tall plastic drawer unit that holds stamps and ink pads 
  • The window valance matches my chair seat material 
  • Under the window I can fit another 4 foot table for a friend to come and join me 

I spent about $50 to set the room up because I re-purposed several things I already had .

I love my room and have spent several hours in here working on my scrapbooks.

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