Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gideon ... Great study

I did a Bible study on Gideon at our church this spring.  

It is a study written by Priscilla Shirer.  We watch a video with Priscilla teaching for about 45 minutes and then break down into small groups for discussion.  There are 5 days of homework each week. 
This study has been one that makes you dig and really think about yourself. There have been  questions that you just don't want to answer or can't answer at the time.
Some of the questions that have been brought out:
 " Where does God fit in - in my life?"  Is he number one or do I put him on the back burner?   How and when do I go to God when I need him?  Do I only go to him when I am struggling with something?  Do I trust him with the small silly stuff in my life not just the hard and big stuff I am dealing with? Do I praise him for what he has done and will do in my life? Do I like the Israelites
fall back into my old ways?
Gideon was challenged by God to trust in Him.  The Israelites really had a hard time understanding and stopping the cycle they were in. 
It has been a good study and has made me think about a few specific things and what needs to change. I realized that I do make a conscience effort to Praise Him for the things that are happening in my life good or bad.  I also realized that I need to spend more consistent time with Him and his word on a daily basis.  Time management with my quiet time needs to happen.
Now it is time for reflection and action!
If you have a chance to take this study you will enjoy it.

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