Friday, August 30, 2013

One of my Favorite Authors

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite Christian authors. She has written well over 50 books and I have read most of them.  My favorite books are the ones on the Baxter Family.  There are several series Redemption Series, Firstborn Series, Sunrise Series are the main ones.  There are many things that I liked about the books. These books cover a couple of generations of the Baxter family. As I have read Karen's books over the years each time I come to the end of a book I am a little sad it's over, but know that the next one will be great too!
  • The christian aspect of her writing is encouraging and honest.  I am a christian and was when I started reading her books, you know how it is when you enjoy the christian reading and want to share with others but are unsure of what they will think.  Well, with Karen's books you never have to worry.  When she writes she shares God in a very positive, encouraging. and honest way! I am sure many have come to know Jesus as their savior due to her books.
  • The story about the Baxter family is so real when you read it.  Sometimes when I was reading about them I would catch myself during the day thinking I wonder how Dane is doing today?  Really?  I was just reading about them I don't know them, but her style of writing makes you feel like they are your friends too!
  •   The books covered many situations that are real in our world and they way they got through them.  Karen had obviously done her research on a few of the topics and presented them as they really are. The family goes through medical issues, emotional pain, and physical issues just like you and me.
  •   The love stories in these books are awesome and presented in a great way without smut!

     You will want to read the Redemption Series, Firstborn Series, Sunrise Series, Above the Line Series in this ordere and then finish by reading her stand alone book "The Baxter Family Coming Home".

     This book was awesome and I will say it took a direction I really did not expect to happen.  But the love, family values, and hope that is shared in this book will amaze you and bring you to tears as well. I can't tell you a lot or I will ruin it for you. Just read it and enjoy it:)

I loaned it out to a couple of people already and they have returned it with the comment " Didn't see that coming and I cried a ton! "    

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